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General Bible Studies

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Original and refreshing in its approach, this devotional will prove an invaluable tool.

Today's world is full of confusing messages and conflicting priorities. Take a Closer Look for Teens addresses these challenges with fifty meditations to help teens apply ancient Biblical truths to their own lives.

RRP: $19.99  You Save: $3.40
Good stuff designed for men, by men.

This book explores six tough questions men ask. Each of the six Bible studies is crafted especially for men, and provides biblical answers, relationship-building discussion questions, fun activities, and character-building insights.

RRP: $9.99  You Save: $2.20
New Bible Codes reveal the details of September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

This new, expanded and completely documented edition of The Signature of God contains additional research and compelling documentation proving the Bible is inspired by God.

RRP: $13.99  You Save: $3.78
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Formerly titled Rapture Under Attack.

The Rapture, by bestselling prophecy expert Tim LaHaye, is the result of one of the most intensive research projects in the author’s life.

RRP: $13.99  You Save: $3.78
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Formerly titled Bruce & Stan’s Guide to the Bible.

With extensive biblical knowledge and a fresh, contemporary perspective, this book offers a memorable and manageable approach to understanding God's written message.

RRP: $15.99  You Save: $3.52

This comprehensive account from the legendary Jewish historian takes you right into the action, setting up the historical relevance of first-century events, taking you all the way from Creation to Roman occupation.

RRP: $16.97  You Save: $4.07
Like an epic novel filled with intrigue, tension, and torrential emotions, Joseph

This third volume in Charles Swindoll's "Great Lives" series presents a fresh look at one of the most intriguing characters in the Old Testament and focuses on the virtue of forgiveness in the face of deceit and betrayal. Check out the whole series!

RRP: $22.99  You Save: $6.21
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Biblical interpretation for both beginning and experienced Bible readers.

This widely acclaimed text unfolds the principles of responsible interpretation to provide a better understanding of both the meaning of the Bible at the time it was written, and for us today.

RRP: $16.99  You Save: $4.59
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Let Max Lucado share with you biblical principles that will help you experience the marriage of which you

The Max on Life CD-Book Series is a brand new way for you to experience the teaching ministry of America's favorite inspirational communicator, Max Lucado.

RRP: $9.99  You Save: $2.70
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Yeshua (Jesus) saw this central creed of the Jewish people as the most essential of all the commandments in the Bible.

"What is the greatest commandment?" Yeshua was asked. His reply - "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one, and you are to love Adonai your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your understanding, and all your strength."

RRP: $12.99  You Save: $3.38

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